Fácil is not just makeup that will create a different version of yourself.  This line was designed to be the kind of makeup that goes through life with you. Long-wearing bold lipsticks, customizable on-the-go palettes, and travel friendly accessories, were thoughtfully put together with you in mind. 

Fácil started out as an idea to create effortless makeup that would leave a lasting impression, but we won't stop here. We are also about evolving beauty and trending looks. Fácil wants to make it easier for you by providing popular color selections and amazing makeup tools and accessories.


Fácil believes in beauty with integrity, which is why we are committed to building a brand of vegan and cruelty free cosmetics.

Beauty memo from Fácil’s founder

My Mother’s red lipstick is the earliest memory I have of makeup. At age 9, I already knew that the color red leaves a statement of femininity and command. Now that I’m a mom myself, I understand the importance of effortless beauty, and my bold red lipstick always comes in handy.

Time is what my busy sisters need more of. I hope Fácil will help you create that uncomplicated bold look.

I am glad that you're now a part of the Fácil family, and thankful that you're out there changing the world!

Much love, 
Mary Grace